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Miru Global is committed to deliver your items quickly and securely. However, shipments are often handled through different places in their journey through the orld. In order for your items to be delivered in the best possible conditions, here are some tips on packaging.

Miru Global will not assume any liability for the tips on packaging that we provide. The customer remains solely responsible for ensuring proper packaging for ransportation. .


Choose the size of the pack in terms of content. The boxes that are not loaded enough will deform, while the ones overloaded will break. 


Always use high quality materials for your packages. Think of the resistance, depreciation and durability when selecting packages. 


Choose corrugated cardboard boxes with external coating of good quality. For value, choose a durable cardboard with double layer.


Use insulating materials in order to prevent the contents of packages from moving.


Use cord, if possible, as a good way to seal and secure your box. Use strong tape if you do not have a sealing machine.


Put fragile goods in the package, ensuring that you do not reach the edges. The object should be well isolated from all sides.


Make sure liquids are stored in sealed containers, packed in light insulating material, (eg, polystyrene foam) and wrapped in a plastic bag. Remember that efective packaging may damage the surroundings objects.


Semi-liquid, greasy, or odorous substances should be sealed and wrapped in a grease-resistant packaging. Remember that a defective packaging may amage the surrounding objects. 


Put grains and fine particulate matter in resistant plastic bags, well packaged and seal them in fiber rigid material.


Use the ↑ arrow-up sign for materials that are not solid. 


Pack gifts with care. It is possible that many goods sold in attractive packaging may not be suitable for shipping.


Use triangular, and NOT cylindrical packaging for maps and blueprints.


Do not forget to wrap small objects in appropriate envelopes.


Protect data discs, audio tapes and video packing them individually in isolating soft material. 


When you send sharp objects like knives or scissors, make sure you completely cover edges and peaks. Appropriate cardboard should be used. Tighten the rotection material so it is not accidentally removed in transit. 


Always use cardboard separators when submitting flat and fragile materials (such as vinyl records). 


When you re-box, remove all labels and tags. Make sure the box is in good condition and not worn.


Do not use bags of fabric or cloth. 


Don't overdo it when sealing the package. Remember that all packages can be opened by the customs authorities for inspection. 


Never use cellophane tape or string to seal the package. 


Do not rely on the fact that the labels "Fragile" and "Handled with care" can replace proper packaging. These are only informative.

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